Photo of relatives packing the car at Gloria’s childhood home as she and her sister watch. Testimonial: "I don't know how I can ever thank you for the gift you have given to our family in recording my parents' life stories... it was so meaningful for me to listen to dad talking to me in his own voice." – Nadine A., Real to Reel client


What is Personal History?

A Personal History is the recorded stories of your life.

  • Only YOU can describe what it was like to grow up in your small town.
  • Only YOU can describe why you just had to have that 1964 Mustang.
  • Only YOU know what it was about that guy in your History class who caught your eye.

The answers to these and other questions are your personal history.



“I believe the soul is contained in the voice.” 
–Dave Isay, founder of Story Corps, on his passion for capturing oral histories

 This is my belief as well and it is why I specialize in Personal Histories that preserve
the actual voice of the storyteller.