Your Questions Answered

Photo of Gloria’s cute baby brother in the laundry basket. Testimonial: "My father was reluctant to do this — saying he couldn’t remember enough to make it worthwhile. He finally agreed to give it a try, and Gloria succeeded in helping him remember far more than he imagined. He is pleased, and we his children are delighted." – Kristen C., Real to Reel client


What services do I provide?

  • One-on-one interviews to record your stories.
  • Lightly edited interviews split into tracks on high quality CDs.
  • Presentations on the value and importance of recording your stories.
  • Prefer a book?   I have colleagues to whom I’m happy to refer you.

Gloria's Daughter' s FamilyHow does this work?

I come to your home. You sit in your easy chair and I ask questions, guiding you through your life. You’ll have fun reminiscing. Recording sessions normally last two hours and take several sessions.  An average life story takes about six hours but any length is possible.  This is something we’ll decide on together.

The finished product is high quality audio CDs, packaged in a custom designed album with an index of the contents of the CD on the back cover.  In essence a talking book that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

Does this need to be done “in person”?

Yes, I only do the actual recording “in person.”  There are many reasons for this and over twelve years of experience have confirmed my belief that we establish rapport only when you and I are physically in the same room together. I have recorded stories from Pennsylvania to Oregon and am willing to come to wherever you are to do this valuable work.

How much does it cost?

Working in audio is the most affordable way to do this important work. Every project is unique and the price depends on the length, time and travel involved. Contact me for a free consultation by phone or in person.

Yes! It's Time.When can this be done?

NOW is always the best time to record your stories.  It is never too soon to get started but, sadly, it is often too late.  As we age our memories fade and the valuable lessons we need to pass on to future generations are lost forever.  Don’t let “I waited too long” be the only story you leave behind.

Who should record their stories?

Everyone!  We often think about gathering stories of older family members, but think about how your children’s voices change as they get older.   Let’s preserve those precious little voices now!


Just in…

A team of psychologists measured children’s resilience and found that the kids who knew the most about their family’s history were best able to handle stress, had a stronger sense of control over their lives and higher self-esteem. The reason: These children have a strong sense of “intergenerational self” – they understand that they belong to something bigger than themselves.

Adapted from The Secrets of Happy Families by Bruce Feiler  (Feb 2013)